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Erin Hollinshead

Erin Hollinshead Headshot
Director - Energy Education Council

4440 Ash Grove Drive Suite B Springfield IL 62711

Program Areas
Safe Electricity Energy Education

Safe Electricity® is the award-winning, multi-media public awareness program of the Energy Education Council (EEC), which was established in 1952 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Since Safe Electricity’s creation in 2001, the program has become the recognized leader in providing electrical safety information for consumers/end-users of electricity.

Located in Springfield, Ill., Safe Electricity operates under the Illinois Extension umbrella and is led by the EEC Board of Directors. Its mission is to create a safer, smarter world, and its overall objective is to help save lives and reduce injuries. Since its inception, Safe Electricity has produced tens of thousands of safety-minded resources to its 500 electric utility members from across the country.