Aloe Ferox - in View of Ayurveda

Aloe Ferox - in View of Ayurveda
Author : Dr. Sharduli Terwadkar
Publisher : Author House
Total Pages : 155
Release : 2011-11-04
ISBN 10 : 9781467893848
ISBN 13 : 1467893846
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Are you a health conscious person constantly looking for herbal solutions for your day to day health management? Do you know about herbal treasures from Africa? Do you know about Aloe ferox, a beautiful herb having bright red flowers draped in stout green leaves? Then you have an award-winner book in your hands! This book won 'Vagbhat Samhita Award' for original research book by Deerghayu International, India. Do you know about an ancient science of wellness from India, Ayurveda? Then you are holding right book! Read this book and you will find brief and interesting introduction to Ayurveda in simplified form. You dont need to be an Ayurveda expert..this book speaks in contemporary lingo yet can provide you guideline to the logic that Ayurveda holds in. If you want to take a more curious dip in scientific information about this plant, open any page of this handbook and know everything that Ayurveda explains about this valuable herb. A simple yet systematic pattern for explanation is maintained to provide an easily assimilable info out of this very scientific knowledge. Aloe ferox is one of the herbs given by Mother Nature that is providing a wide array of medicinal uses. This book is totally dedicated to this 'star' medicinal plant in South Africa that brings in millions of currency in this country due to the pharmaceutical trade. Are you that passionate investor for herbal pharma industry? Check line drawings in this book and read in detail patho-pharmacology of all fourteen medicinal uses. This book will provide complete pharmacological study of this plant in Ayurvedic perspective with fourteen new medicinal uses which can extensively widen the span of medicinal use of Aloe ferox in African continent and world wide. Read it and bring this cute blushing guest to your herbal garden!

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Aloe Ferox - in View of Ayurveda
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