Diplomacy and International Business

Diplomacy and International Business
Author : Dr. Dimitrios P. Kamsaris
Publisher : BookRix
Total Pages : 161
Release : 2021-04-04
ISBN 10 : 9783748779261
ISBN 13 : 3748779267
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

International business and globalization requires governments to operate in a context different than before, which is to integrate other participants of diplomacy in its own decision-making processes. Governments have been focusing on new strategies, such as involving ministries and non-state actors and institutions, providing greater transparency, and acting collectively. Facing the challenges of an increasingly complex world Diplomats are not the only actors involved in the diplomatic process because due to globalization, many actors such as NGOs, international organizations and individuals can be seen practicing diplomacy. Diplomacy is a course of actions, based on the exchange of ideas, values and traditions to reinforce the business relationships, improve the social cooperation and stimulate the national interests, with respects to globalization. Diplomacy, due to globalization the mass communication technology help access between people to promote peace & stability all over the world because it influences the opinion globally of businesses, trade, individuals, communities, cultures and countries (Kamsaris, 2020). The tactics to form international relations can be described either hard or soft power and according to Nye soft power is the ability to persuade and get what you want through culture, values and ideas through attraction rather than coercion or payments, while hard power involves activating forces. Through soft power, the use of cultural diplomacy becomes significant (Kamsaris, 2020). Regarding the international business world, the will and ability to appreciate and embrace the diverse values and needs of dissimilar cultures is important for the strategic decisions and adopt diplomacy models tactics by increasing social awareness of international companies engaged in the development of culturally sensitive marketing plans and campaigns in order to build positive public opinion, form a good image, free of local problems, conduct research regarding the cultural differences of the new country and international companies with local focus (Kamsaris, 2020). Bound states that the internet has created a world where cultures meet and mix and reform easily and constantly and countries are increasingly finding that they need to reaffirm their sovereignty to stop their cultures being swamped or changed by access to other cultural outputs. As Mark says, a state's international cultural mission now involves a more active role in protecting and developing country culture. A country's cultural identity needs to be strong and constantly reinforced and revitalised, or it will be flooded and lost. A culture is the set of values which underpins a country and the way that other countries use to understand you. Culture for Ribeiro is a non-threatening, inclusive way of communicating with people. It is powerful because it is universal and is shared as it is a manifestation of human genius and achievement and is charged with symbolic meaning. International relations referred to the study of foreign affairs and political interaction between countries and cover the complex of cultural, economic, legal, military, and political relations of all countries and their populations, actors and international organizations. The goal of this book is to introduce some of the main issues of international politics, such as war and peace, development, regional integration and security, and to familiarize with different ways to conceptualise and analyse these issues. This should allow to make a more confident decision about your own attitude towards particular issues and to analyse these issues more thoroughly, but it should also make you question both your own as well as others' representations of the world.

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