Love's Touch

Love's Touch
Author : Anit Arca
Publisher : Anit Arca
Total Pages : 193
Release : 2022-04-10
ISBN 10 :
ISBN 13 :
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Is the world an illusion? Is our Universe a hologram? This is a magical world. “All there Is” is you; you are the magnificent reflection of “All That Is” in the world of Existence and three dimensions. Let us wake up from this illusion. We have to realize we will leave this body one day; we have to realize all of our possessions will be left behind as we depart for our next new adventure. This is not a book of divine informative revelation. These words do not come from heaven. These writings (knowledge) arose in the Heart through Universal Intuition and were written from Oneself to oneself without the interference of the author’s personal thoughts (ego). What you call ‘I’ is your identity. Bonding yourself with your identity creates the ‘I am’ ego personality. This identity of yours is not actually you, it is an illusory state of what you are not. In Reality, you are not your ego-identity. The external world and its social parameters play a big role in forming this ego-identity. You do not own anything, no name, no form or any image that you can call ’I’. You have not constructed or created these. You do not own anything you think you can control or possess. When you identify yourself with these things, the things that you are not (or do not own), you are creating a self-imposed prison for yourself and living inside of it. In other words, you create your ‘ego-personality. In this case, we have to ask the following question - who am I Really? Are you really all that you claim to own, names, forms and images? Are you only made up of body and mind? When you identify with these beliefs and those of the collective world consciousness you get lost and break away from your true Reality. When you claim ownership of these names, forms and images, you create your ‘ego-personality. Whenever you say ‘I am’ this or that, you are identifying with that thing which you now claim as your own and you unify yourself with that thing. If you do not identify with anything, if you do not claim ownership of anything, the ‘I’ ceases to exist. Removing the ‘I’, dissolving it, is the ultimate freedom we seek. The walls of the self-imposed prison of ego personality you possessively created will fall away. Here, in this liberated state of being, the necessity for choice or decision falls away too. You act just as is needed in each moment of life as it arises in the Now. Thoughts of “should I have done this or that?” will disappear. The mind is like software running on a computer. The “virus” that corrupts the software is the ego. It is this ego-personality that creates erroneous beliefs and then claims ownership of them. Only when this virus is removed by an antivirus program, Mind reveals itself in its full capacity. With this cleaning up process, human minds become increasingly liberated and expansively intelligent. In this Book, knowledge of advanced life is being released into the public publishing domain for the first time. This life can be described with concepts of “Absolute Human”, “Birth of Absolute Humanity”, “Experiencing Non-Existence” and “Beyond Non-Existence”. We believe through our life experience that the only way to change our individual and collective point of view is to know NON-EXISTENCE. The will behind the writing and publishing of this knowledge in the Book arose in servitude.

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