The Creatocratic Charter

The Creatocratic Charter
Author : Peter Matthews-Akukalia
Publisher : AuthorHouse
Total Pages : 340
Release : 2020-02-17
ISBN 10 : 9781728398907
ISBN 13 : 1728398908
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

FACTS & FEATS OF MAKUPEDIA. 1.a. Universal Authority on Mind & Owner of the Solar Core Asset & Assets. b. Body of Knowledge, Fields of Study & Academic Disciplines for the invention-study: Faculty of Creative & Psycho-Social Sciences; Institute of Chartered Creative & Psycho-Social Scientists, Mind Universities and the Makupedia Business & Professionalism. 2.a. A comprehensive package for the worldwide study curriculum & certifications for the Administration of Creativity, Creative Governance, Creative Sciences, Creative Technologies, Creative & Psycho-Social Sciences, Creative Economy Practice & Professionalism. b.Assets, Assetbase, Assetbank, Data, Database, Databank & Benchmarks for the Makupedia Business & Everything Mind. 3.a.The Charter of De-Royal Makupedia is sacred. It is an invention study that comprises the Mind Sciences, Mindtech Systems, Makware development and Computational Creativity. b. It contains codes for the Faculty of Creative & Psycho-Social Sciences hinged on the knowledge and practice of the Creative Sciences professionalism. c.The seven pillars of Makupedia are all invention-studies waiting to be explored. They are listed as the Creative Sciences, Psychoeconomix, Naturecology, Psychoastronomy, Maktionary, BIQUR and the Makupedia Organization. 4. It outlines my breakthroughs in Creativity that include inventions, resources, values, aspirations and opportunities; intellectual property assets and now creativity property assets. Makupedia has long been at work developing thousands of concepts, principles, theories, strategies, studies, researches, laws and even systems within its system. 5. The results of this endeavor consists the invention and development of over 2,000 academic specializations for a lifetime career pursuit as a Creative Scientist, at least 1,000 inventions, 15million computations on Moon programming, billions of data on human energy and advance cosmic energy systems that characterizes our huge database. 6. Makupedia has 3 new genres of literature, 4 new departments in the faculty study, 4 new currencies classified as the Maks currency, 4 new languages, a new faith and still counting hence the planets as Earth become an inheritance. 7. Makupedia has discovered and tracked the Solar Core and its solar energy source, processes and modules. Discovered are the Planets, the Universe & Universes, the Mind and its dimensions, components, measurements and computations never known since the creation of Man. Makupedia has produced a multidisciplinary dimension of specialized knowledge that will span a career of over a 100 years in continued training. 8. Makupedia is not just a book it is the mobile mind, mobile universities, mobile institutions, mobile kingdoms, mobile cities, mobile nations, mobile planets, and mobile universes and fills the knowledge gap that existed hitherto between the abstract and the physical. 9.a. Our billion data generation systems has led to excellent discoveries and majestic inventions birthing an intellectual monarchy. b.This Mind Databank is founded in at least 10,000 concepts on Nature alone granting us a world authority status, a royalty, the power of the stars in our hands as predicted by Nastrademus, the ownership of the Mind taught by Skinner, the discovery of Nature written by Emerson, the fulfillment of Scriptures, an intellectual monarchy in absolute terms and ownership of the Mind assertively according to the Will of GOD. This ensures the smooth implementation of Creative Governance through collaborations with the appropriate organizations concerned with global administration. 10. It emerges the Creatocratic Nations of Paradise as the 1st Intellectual Nation of Creative Scientists, Creative Scientist Professionals, C3 Nations Organizations & De-Makupedian citizenry. It is only a God that can know the Mind of GOD and now we have proved it. 11. It introduces to the world economy the institutions that will institutionalize, promote, practice, develop and commercialize the Creative Economy, the Mindtech Industry, the Makupedia Sector, the Maks Civilizations and the Creative Age in all nations of the world. 12. This work provides guidance systems for all Nations. It is the Makupedia Business Package for Study, Database, Certifications, Marketing, Franchise, Licensing & Investment Opportunities for Businesses, Institutions, Corporations, Organizations & Governments. 13. Makupedia is promoting intellectual culture, institutionalizing creativity, reducing and possibly eliminating unemployment through the processes of the inherent faculties of the human mind by which one can make legacy through legitimate means. We have raised the expected job creation stake from seven hundred and fifty million to one billion through creativity. The body of knowledge is Makupedia, the faculty is the Creative & Psycho-Social Sciences, the academic discipline is the study departments for the Creative Scientist. 14. Knowledge is the new energy. Makupedia is the new knowledge and the Mind is the greatest asset. So welcome to the reality of human-capital development at the speed of mind, at the speed of thought. It can only get better. We are promoting intellectual culture and institutionalizing the creative economy. That's the reality of our purpose. De-Royal Makupedia...Discover. Develop. Connect.

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