The Chronicles of The Last Jewish Gangster

The Chronicles of The Last Jewish Gangster
Author : Myron Sugerman
Publisher :
Total Pages : 398
Release : 2019-06-21
ISBN 10 : 1973212595
ISBN 13 : 9781973212591
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Myron Sugerman's memoir, The Last Jewish Gangster: From Meyer to Myron, is more than just a riveting account of the author's nearly sixty-year career as an international outlaw in the field of slot machines and casinos. Its Also a fascinating meditation on a variety of themes: aging, respect, adventure, greed, and man's tendency to be his own worst enemy. Although it is chock-full of hilarious anecdotes about Mr. Sugerman's hapless cohorts in what he calls "disorganized crime," the book also contains life lessons for those perceptive enough to look for them--lessons on how to differentiate calculated risk taking from compulsive gambling, and how to maintain one's place in the world as one grows older. The Last Jewish Gangster follows its author from 1959 to the present day as he travels the globe from Europe to Africa to South America to Asia, rubbing shoulders with dangerous men and legendary mob figures like Longie Zwillman, Meyer Lansky, Joe "Doc" Stacher, Gerry Catena, Tony Bananas Caponigro, Tommy Ryan Eboli, and many others. The story covers everything from his dealings with the fearsome Cali Cartel to his attempt to help famous Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal track down the Angel of Death, Josef Mengele in Paraguay. The remarkable book contains something to pique the interest of any reader--Gritty crime stories, harrowing adventure, twentieth century history, and the Jewish religious philosophy--and the perspective of a man who has lived a long life and seen more than most of us have even imagined seeing.

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