The Remen Q Method

The Remen Q Method
Author : Valeria Moore
Publisher :
Total Pages : 166
Release : 2021-08-30
ISBN 10 : 1737127504
ISBN 13 : 9781737127505
Language : EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Change worry, guilt, stress, shame, etc., to calm and inner peace in minutes! In a world of chaos, this book will help you create inner peace. In this book, you will learn a simple, life-changing four-step process for creating inner peace, the power of the heart, and transforming your reality. The Remen Q̅ Method uses the heart as a guide to inner peace. Achieving inner peace opens you to joy, wellness, empowerment and more energy. The Remen Q̅ Method Close your eyes and place your fingertips on your heart space. Then, breathe into presence by taking five slow deep breaths through your nose and out through your nose without pausing using tummy breathing. 1. I am witness to the field of intention to neutralize this created pattern. (Say this in your inner voice.) 2. I am witness to the origins of this created pattern (Say this in your inner voice and visualize a representation of the origin.) 3. I am witness to the neutralization of this created pattern. (Say this in your inner voice and visualize a change in the image. Halfway through visualizing the change, snap open your eyes.) 4. Move your attention to your body and watch until you feel it is complete. (If there is a sensation of lightheadedness or swirling, allow the sensation to finish.) The book develops the Remen Q̅ wisdom explaining how Remen Q̅ works and the effect of the process on your non-peace. In the first chapter, the process is detailed and the Valeria explains background principles. The second chapter explores how using the Remen Q̅ Method creates a "way" of living if engaged daily. The third chapter explores how the heart is more than an organ that moves blood around our body. The fourth chapter answers questions about Remen Q̅. Finally, the fifth chapter gives a bio of the author, definitions and resources that helped write the book. Valeria had spent decades exploring the foundations of our consciousness as a teacher and practitioner of meditation, healing arts, and emotional release therapies. But, she had a feeling that something was missing no matter how much she read, healed, studied, or meditated. Her heart continued to be gnawed by shame, guilt, confusion, humiliation, hopelessness, anger, grief, and emptiness. She felt no sense of peace. Then in the fall of 2013, she knew that she was no longer a teacher or practitioner of others' healing art methods. She was ill and exhausted. Her body was failing due to a lack of nurturance. Shortly before her "retirement," she had set an intention to know a process for an emotional release that was simple and would not create a bypass, a temporary change that led to disappointment. The desired process would also transform all emotional patterns related to an issue at once. Shortly after entering that "wish" into her journal, she heard her inner voice say, 'there's an easier way.' She then experienced a knowing of a series of steps for changing the created patterns of non-peace to peace. It would be four more years before she understood that this method, Remen Q̅, was about the heart, peace, and non-peace.

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