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Build a Thriving Community

Control the things you can; plan for the things you can't.

Build a solid financial base that's tough enough to withstand the uncertainty you're certain to face. Illinois Extension can play a pivotal role in helping you design strategies to sustain a workforce pipeline and unravel the complexities of changing regulations. Thriving businesses need workers who know what to do and love doing it. Happier employees mean you spend less time recruiting and more time making money. Better customer service means happier repeat customers and more revenue. Put your trust in Extension experts who know people and know business. 

How we help businesses like yours.

Illinois Extension helps prepare communities to thrive and grow in a highly competitive environment. Our experts help communities identify strategies to create and retain local business.

  • Developing Resilient Downtowns provides a variety of learning experiences that inform successful downtown business development initiatives.
  • Small Business Education helps business owners and managers identify new tools, technologies, and strategies to improve business performance.
  • International Trade Education prepares business owners to compete on a worldwide stage.
  • On the Front Line for Customer Service provides information and skill development for improved customer service.
  • Downtown Business and Market Analysis helps local business leaders, entrepreneurs, developers, and economic development professionals understand the changing marketplace and identify realistic business opportunities.
  • Age Matters helps managers and directors develop effective communication and management strategies which reflect generational preferences and values.
  • Real Colors introduces different communications styles and ways of processing information.
  • On the Front Line Customer Service provides information and skill development for improved customer service.
  • Poverty Simulation addresses the challenges of living with limited resources and an abundance of stress. The role play is a powerful way to convey real world obstacles to securing food and shelter.

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