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At every stage of life, our mental health matters.

You deserve to live a life of joyful purpose.

Our mental health impacts how we feel, think, and act. When we struggle, it can affect our work productivity, our family relationships, and our confidence to get through the day. At times, we may feel alone and fear sharing how we feel. You don't have to face your fears alone. Illinois Extension can connect you with caring people that will help you build resiliency for the challenges, changes, and disappointments we face. Live your full potential.

How we help you face life's challenges

Addressing mental health is a lifelong endeavor, and we're here every step of your journey across the lifespan. Together, we'll show your how our mental health, emotional health, and physical health are connected. We join in your wish to live healthier lives by sharing practical, prevention-focused programs. Grounded in research, our advice helps you understand risk factors, take steps to reduce potentially negative health outcomes, and inspire you to make behavior changes that lead to joyful purpose at home and in your community.

There is no health without mental health.

Dr. David Satcher, sixteenth Surgeon General of the United States

Everybody's Mental Health Matters is supported by the State of Illinois' Cook County Initiative.